In the garden, I find joy. I love to plant, to see the flowers and the fruits of my work in the garden.

There is great satisfaction in producing edible crops. To be able to step out the backdoor and pick a vegetable for the evening dinner.

It feels good, knowing you have produced the best you can for yourself, for your family.

You don’t need a green thumb to garden successfully. You need information.

You will find information here that should help you produce good crops.

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Pole Green Beans, (Organic Whenever Possible)

There are bush green beans and pole green beans. You may ask what a pole green bean is. A pole green bean is a green bean plant that will reach out and grab hold of a pole, to assist itself in an upward climb. This kind of behavior is called Thigmotropism, (and now you have…

Organic Potatoes Grown in Buckets

I had successfully grown, zucchini, patty pans, straight neck yellow squash, bell pepper, green beans, radishes, tomatoes and even celery, (celery is considered to be a challenge to grow, even by experienced growers). I wanted to learn to grow potatoes. Had You Heard ? I heard that you can not grow potatoes from grocery store…