Armitage Park Campground – Eugene, Oregon

Wouldn’t you love to take your trailer or motorhome to a place with grass, trees and a nearby river with trails for you to enjoy? A place where if you like, you can even simply pitch a tent.

A view of the McKenzie river, from the walking path, along an edge of Armitage Park and Campground.

Nature would be all around you, but also conveniences like paved parking pads with full or partial hookups for your trailer or motorhome, public access to the waterway, a paved boat ramp / launch, restrooms and showers, plus several large group picnic sites with electricity, cooking facilities and drinking water.

If this isn’t enough, there are volleyball and horseshoe pits, a dog park, and a laundromat!!!!

That is what you will find if you choose to camp in the Armitage Park Campground.

On another post, I told you about us camping in our Little Chalet XL 1930. We started out towing it with a 2006 Subaru Outback, but by the time we went to Armitage Park Campground, our tow vehicle was a 2014 Chevy Traverse.

Armitage Park Campground is at 90064 Coburg Rd. in Eugene, in Lane County Oregon, (just a few miles south of Coburg). It consists of 64 acres with old growth deciduous and evergreen trees, bushes, wild flowers and grasses.

Amazingly the park is open year-round to both camping and day visitors.

The park has open space to walk through. If you like to take photos of nature, this is a great place to go. I found this lovely area during one of our many walks.

Lots of greenery.

So many of the trees are huge.

One of the big trees found in the park.

There are unusual looking trees in the park too.

Right angle seen here.

Another strange looking tree. The base of the tree appears to be huge. What happened to it? Was it struck by lightening at some point and this was what was left?

The tree is really big at the bottom, but it looks like it was split low and is missing most of the top of the tree.

Just a step to the left and you see a huge hole that passes all the way through to the other side of the tree.

Was this pass through made by a lightening strike, decay, or an animal?

This big tree looks like it is being devoured by ivy.

Ivy all over the trunk.

Don’t forget to look into the grass, as there are wild flowers to be seen.

The little flowers in the grass of this area were spectacular.

Things to Do Near By

The park is at one end of the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway, (a popular 100 plus mile bike ride through the Willamette Valley). If this is something you might enjoy, don’t forget to bring your bike.

You may find, not far from the park is the University of Oregon’s, Museum of Natural and Cultural History. It is at 1680 E 15th Ave in Eugene. You can try your hand at ancient weaving styles. You can see specimens from deep in Oregon’s past, (you may see giant salmon, ice age sloths and other creatures from across time). You may also delve into the stories of medieval spirits and sorcery. I found the cost of admission to be very reasonable at this museum.

You may also find the Shelton McMurphey Johnson House, (or Castle on the Hill), as a local place to visit. The house’s is at 303 Willamette St. in Eugene. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s architecture is Queen Ann style, and the house is furnished as such. It is open for public tours and pre-arranged private events. Make sure to call ahead for details if you are interested in visiting this residence.

The reason I say, “you may find”, is because things change over time, so just know, at the time of this writing, these are some of the things you may find to do.

Back to the Park

The map online shows 32 trailer sites, (2 of which are showing as ADA). There are at least 7 tent sites per the map.

Day use of the park is open dawn to dusk. There is a cost to park your car and just visit for the day, (ask if annual passes for Oregon parks are applicable there). There is a cost to tent camp or to bring your trailer or motorhome to camp overnight. Costs can be found on their information website.

To reserve a spot to camp at Armitage Park and Campground, go to,

During our visit, we stayed a couple of days. We walked the park over, walked along the river walk path, relaxed outside, by our trailer, and enjoyed the peace we found there.

Views from the path by the river
There was beauty everywhere we looked.

The park is great. My husband and I really enjoyed our time at Armitage Park and Campground.

I hope you have safe and joyful adventures when you are out and about in your RV.

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