My Hope for You

The information I have provided for you in this site, is intended to help you find enjoyment and joy through entertainment. This blog is written by me, for you.

It is my hope that you may read about something you haven’t already done (or haven’t done in a while), and do it.

I want you to go to the home page and find a topic that interests you (the “Home Page” link is at the bottom of this page under the “Subscribe” button).

Once you are on the Home Page, click on the links and go read the posts (stories about places, things to do and helpful information). You will likely find something that you will enjoy.

It is my hope that you find new things that will interest you, that you will want to do/see.

There may be things you currently do, but you need ideas to improve and expand your current experience.

You may find topics about things that you have already done in the past, but haven’t done in a while or have forgotten about.

You came here looking for entertainment ideas, so open each link on the “Home Page” and see what you may find.

A Bit About Me

I have worked in the electronics industry, the medical industry and the insurance industry.

I jumped in the car just after it had started to snow.

I am married to an amazing man and have three wonderful children, (two sons and a daughter).

My eldest son is an information technology (IT), professional. My daughter is an insurance agent who owns her own agency (she is the one who introduced me to blogging). My youngest son works in electronics (in addition, he has his own YouTube channel).

My husband is my IT guy. If anything ever goes wrong with my computer, my husband knows exactly what to do to fix it.

I started writing poems and little stories when I was not quite seven years old. I enjoyed and still enjoy writing.

I love to travel, I enjoy cooking, I go treasure hunting (finding various collectables), I read, obviously I write, I garden, go camping, make silk flower arrangements, play games (PC games, card games, board games). In my blog, you can read about all of these things (and more).

I have been collecting treasures my entire life. I started collecting coins and old books as a little girl. My mother loved crystal and china. Along the path of life I developed the same love for them. I especially love teapots, tea cups and saucers (to say I have a few would be an understatement).

What People Say

Enjoyment is…

the action of possessing and benefiting from something.

Oxford Languages Dictionary

Entertainment is…

the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.

Oxford Languages Dictionary

Joy is…

a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Oxford Languages Dictionary

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