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The Port of Juneau, Alaska USA

Below, in latest posts, you’ll find information about indoor entertainment, about outdoor entertainment or information about entertainment you may find in both places.

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Kitchen – Great Flatware, Knives, Hand Held Tools, Accessories, Cookware, Dinnerware, Bakeware and Electronic Kitchen Devices

Over your lifetime you will buy and receive all kinds of things for your kitchen. You will get flatware, knives, hand held tools, accessories, cookware, dinnerware, bakeware and electronic kitchen devices. Over the years, I have owned these kinds of things, some great, some mediocre and some a big disappointment. I want to share with…

Recipe – Handmade, Homemade Egg Noodles

I have been making handmade, homemade egg noodles since I was a young girl. My mother would make them to add to her homemade chicken noodle soup broth. I grew up making the noodles and the chicken noodle soup broth with her and as an adult woman, I make them for my own family. They…

Arts and Crafts – Double Sided Floral Arrangement

This article was written to teach you how to make your own double sided floral arrangement. A double sided floral arrangement is a terrific thing to have. Simply by turning your arrangement around, you can have a different look for you room. I made a double sided floral arrangement as a door prize for one…

Collecting – Hall China

I was a little girl when I first saw a piece of Hall China…… Who would have thought at that time that the pieces we used everyday, would wind up being sought after collectors items.


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