There are innumerable trails on this planet. Some are solely nature made. Some are nature made and maintained by people. Others are entirely made by people and maintained by people.

When people think of trails they might imagine a trodden path, dirt on the ground, brush and an overgrowth of bushes and trees.

This is part of a trail that you can walk along adjacent to the Camp 18 Restaurant.
Click here to read about the Camp 18 Restaurant, Elsie Oregon.

Yep, that’s a trail, but a trail could be manicured. The ground might be fairly well cleared of brush. Foliage might be well trimmed back. The trail itself might be paved to allow for easier passage.

In the background you can see walking paths, at the Oregon Gardens – Silverton, Oregon, USA.

No matter how you get about, go out, experience something beautiful or amazing and enjoy the day.

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Restaurants – Camp 18, Elsie Oregon – Breakfast, Things to See and a Hike

When my husband and I first met, for one of our first dates he asked me out for breakfast and a hike. He wanted to take me to Camp 18 in Elsie Oregon. I hadn’t ever been there. I hadn’t ever heard of it. It sounded like fun (and to go there with a handsome guy, how lucky can a girl get)?

Travel – Cape Disappointment Trail and the North Head Lighthouse – Ilwaco, Washington

During one of our camping adventures, we decided to go to a popular, nearby hiking trail that ends at a lighthouse, (we were camping at Fort Stevens in Hammond Oregon). We were heading to Cape Disappointment and the North Head Lighthouse.

Fort Stevens State Park and Campgrounds – Hammond, Oregon

I don’t really want to write about this place….cuz…..I want to keep it all to my self, bwahahahahahahaha, (maniacal laughter)….. Ok, you twisted my arm. I’ll tell you all that I know…. A day came when my husband suggested, for fun, we should go camping. Well, after great thought, many discussions, (and a purchase orContinue reading “Fort Stevens State Park and Campgrounds – Hammond, Oregon”

Nehalem Bay State Park

My husband and I love RV camping, (Glamping, as my daughter puts it). If you are looking for lots of outdoor activities, Nehalem Bay State Park is the place to go. If you are driving down highway 101, along the Oregon coast, the park is about 2 miles south of Manzanita. It’s at 9500 SandpiperContinue reading “Nehalem Bay State Park”

Armitage Park Campground – Eugene, Oregon

Wouldn’t you love to take your trailer or motorhome to a place with grass, trees and a nearby river with trails for you to enjoy? A place where if you like, you can even simply pitch a tent. Nature would be all around you, but also conveniences like paved parking pads with full or partialContinue reading “Armitage Park Campground – Eugene, Oregon”

Gleneden Beach in Oregon

This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Before using this site, read our terms and conditions/disclaimer page, Click Here Would you like to walk where you can see creaturesContinue reading “Gleneden Beach in Oregon”