Games can be board games, card games, video games and so much more.

You could break out a deck of cards, your book of Hoyle and play any one of hundreds of different card games by yourself or with a friend(s). Whatever game you decided to play, have fun doing so.

Standard, Jumbo and Pinochle card playing decks.

This game is a board game, called Five Straight. Two to nine people can play. It is a game full of fast paced fun.

~I did have a couple of posts about ARK Survival Evolved, but I have pulled them temporarily for review and update.

Soon to come, ARK posts with the newest map, Fjordur.~

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Games – Cribbage

My husband and I love to play both card and board games together. We especially enjoy playing a game called Cribbage which uses both…… I am going to teach you how to play cribbage with two players.

A LAN Party and Custom Built Computers

This post is about custom building a computer to bring to a LAN party. If you haven’t ever done so, you might have fun going to a LAN party. My husband, our eldest son, our youngest son and I, all signed up to go to a PDXLAN party (hosted in Portland, Oregon). We had such…


My Grandma taught me to play Rummy when I was a little girl. We used to play for hours. She always made hot tea for me (she called it little girls tea as it was more cream and sugar than tea). She also sat a tin of Danish Butter Cookies on the table for us…

Five Straight

Five Straight is a board game for 2 to 9 players. The idea of the game is to be the first to place 5 of your assigned colored pegs in a straight line, (diagonally, horizontally or vertically). Sounds simple, right ? This game is addictive, but just the same, it’s recommended for ages 8 and…

Cards, (So Inexpensive)

A standard deck of cards can be used to play hundreds of games. The more the deck is used, the lower the cost of the entertainment it provides. Lets say you buy a standard deck of cards and they cost you $5.00. You and a friend sit down to play a fast paced game called…

Cards and Hoyle

A Memory I have always played card games, (well, as far back as I can remember that is). Memories of playing card games, started with my grandma. I would go to her house to spend the night. At some point in the evening, she would bring out a standard deck of Bicycle brand playing cards.…