Antiques and Collectables

In this photograph you see various antiques and collectables (a Waterford crystal goblet, Buzz Lightyear, a RS Germany plate, Bob's Big Boy bank, a ceramic laying cat, a Beanie Baby called Tricky the Pumpkin Bear, an expandable Kodak camera, a ceramic horse figurine, a Royal Dalton figurine HN2379 Ninette, a book by Pearl S. Buck called A House Divided, an Occupied Japan Victorian Age Couple, a ceramic cow, a Carnival Glass pedestal dish with a lid, a bird metal figurine, a snail that opens as a box figurine, a beanie baby called Hornsley the Triceratops, some rocks found on an Oregon beach, a Canadian paper dollar, a Sacagawea coin in a display box, a ceramic sitting dog, a Dualflex camera and a two dollar roll of nickels).
Above you see just a few things people collect; Toys, Books, Metal Figurines, Cameras, Paper and Coin Money, Porcelain and Ceramic Figurines, Fine Crystal, Rocks, Carnival Glass, Fine China.

Collecting antiques and other collectables can be a lifelong, fun adventure.

When I was very young, my mom would go to the bank. I would go with her. I remember, I could stand under the counter, (I was so little).

I would bring two paper dollars and buy a roll of nickels from the teller. I’d take the roll home and open it up in the hopes of finding really old nickels. I did this over and over.

I had a coin book that listed values. I had lots of fun dreaming about the treasures I had found. The nickels I collected, are still in the box. They are much older now, as am I (in the picture above, you can see one of my $2.00 nickel rolls from when I was a child).

Later, I started collecting antiques and other collectables.

I have collections of coins, toys, crystal, books, fine china, Beanie Babies, porcelain figurines, paper money, cameras, rocks (and LOTS more).

I’d bet that you have a collection of something. What do you collect?

Read some of my stories. Maybe you will find interest in a fun new collectable (or re-inspire yourself to learn more about the collections and collectible items you currently have).

It doesn’t cost you anything to read about my collectibles and collections on this website, so go read, learn something new, explore and enjoy!

Below the Subscribe button, you will find posts (stories and information), about antiques, collectables, collecting and collections. Right now, there aren’t many stories on this topic, but there will be more as time goes by.

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