Kitchen – Great Flatware, Knives, Hand Held Tools, Accessories, Cookware, Dinnerware, Bakeware and Electronic Kitchen Devices

Over your lifetime you will buy and receive all kinds of things for your kitchen. You will get flatware, knives, hand held tools, accessories, cookware, dinnerware, bakeware and electronic kitchen devices.

Over the years, I have owned these kinds of things, some great, some mediocre and some a big disappointment.

I want to share with you those items that I and my family have found over the years, to be great (and share with you a small few that I have found to be a disappointment).

I will show you those things that I believe might work well for you and hopefully save you a lot of money in in the future (because the things you end up getting will hopefully last a long time).

If any of the links below indicate that they are out of stock, there might be more available later. If you can wait until they re-stock, I think you’ll find it is worth the wait.


I’m allergic to nickel. Did you know (as of the time of this writing), up to 17% of women are allergic to nickel and 3% of men are too? Most flatware found for sale has nickel in it.

A picture of a red tablecloth and placemat with a tablespoon and a butter knife of the Copeland pattern flatware, made by Oneida featuring a pounded design on the handles on the placemat.
The design you see in the handle is called hammered.

My flatware is nickel free (“Copeland pattern, made by Oneida”). This flatware is the best that I have ever owned. It is sturdy, substantial (very strong).

(Go ahead, ask me what I use to scoop hard frozen ice cream out of a container with… yep, this sets tablespoons).

You may or may not be able to find my pattern (as I’ve had it for a while), but I found a similar pattern on Amazon, also made by “Oneida.” The pattern is called “Reyna“. It too is 100% nickel free, identified as 18/0, (18% chromium 0% nickel). Quantities are limited at this time though.

I found another manufacturer “E-Far”, that makes a lovely hammered design set of 18/0 flatware that you might like.

If you aren’t able to find the quantity of flatware of “Reyna by Oneida” that you want or “E-Far’s” pounded flatware in the links above, just make sure whatever pattern you select, that it says it is 18/0 if you want nickel free flatware.


I don’t advise that you buy knives that say they never need sharpening, because what I have found that to mean is they can’t (or shouldn’t), be sharpened. I have had to throw away many knives that said they never needed sharpening.

A good set of knives will likely come with a tool to sharpen them. Obviously you can’t sharpen any serrated knives, but you should be able to sharpen the flat edged knives in your set.

Currently I have a hodgepodge of kitchen knives. Most of them are worn out. I am in the market to replace all that I have. Because it has been such a long time since I bought a knife set, I decided to do a little research first. When I was researching knives, I read that the best knives are made of forged stainless steel.

The “Ginsu Chikara” Brand series I am providing you links to are made of forged stainless steel. However, the steak knives are stamped (not forged).

According to the Amazon link, “Ginsu Chikara” series forged knives have been named a Consumer Report “Best Buy” 5 times, and are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty”.

Many high quality knife sets can’t be put in the dishwasher, but the Ginsu Chikara Brand set says they are dishwasher safe! I don’t enjoy washing items by hand and I like the idea that these knives can be sanitized in the high heat of my dishwasher.

This 8 piece “Ginsu Chikara” series butcher block knives set doesn’t include any steak knives. It doesn’t come with a bread knife either.

You can purchase 4 steak knives separately later if cost is preventing you from getting a set with steak knives at this time, but it saves quite a bit to buy your steak knives with the butcher block set. Also, doing so ensures there are slots for your steak knives in the butcher block so you don’t have to put the steak knives into a drawer.

This 12 piece “Ginsu Chikara” series set comes with 4 steak knives but it doesn’t come with a bread knife.

This 19 piece “Ginsu Chikara” series set comes with 8 steak knives and a bread knife. It has everything that I want in a butcher block set. It costs a little more, but the additional knives it comes with are important to me.

Now, If you want to go big with your set of food preparation knives, Damascus finish forged steel is all the rage (but I wouldn’t say the set seen here is in everyone’s budget). This set by “Miyabi Mizu” doesn’t include any steak knives.

“Wüsthof” is a family owned company in Solingen Germany. They have been in the business of making sharp objects since 1814. In their own words they “employ some of the world’s most skilled knife artisans to ensure that” their “premium blades are truly extraordinary”.

They make a gourmet set of knives that are stamped, but if you are going to purchase a set of knives from “Wüsthof” you should stick to the “Classic Series”. The “Classic Series” of knives are forged (not stamped).

This is the knife block set that my daughter says ticks all of the boxes for her.

This knife block set is “Wüsthof’s” cream of the crop as far as I’m concerned. This “Classic Series” set has 23 pieces that are made with beautiful cream colored handles.

Sadly, I have yet to find a knife set that is nickel free.

Hand Held Tools and Accessories

Flat Graters

Flat graters are low tech, very simple. I like flat graters because they are relatively easy to use. I find them to be the easiest to clean. Flat graters fit well in my dishwasher. They store well in my kitchen drawers too. My graters are very strong. They don’t bend under the pressure of grating. They don’t have any moving parts, so nothing will go wrong with them. They have rubber nonslip material at the base. This helps prevent the grater from slipping out of position during use. I own several graters though, to achieve various grate sizes.

I bought my graters more than 10 years ago, but they are still going strong. Mine look exactly like this one.

If you are allergic to nickel, you may want to consider purchasing a grater that is advertised as 18/0.

Four Sided (Box Style Graters)

Some people do not want multiple graters. They just want one device that does it all for them. If you are one of these people, you may want to choose a square bottom, box style grater.

I have had good luck with “KitchenAid” hand held gadgets. I don’t own one of their graters, but I see that they make a four sided grater. The only problems I have with a four sided grater is the inside corners can be somewhat difficult to clean/keep clean.

Other than that, this box style grater made by “KitchenAid” looks great. Not only has it got the four different sides (four different sizes of grater cuts), but it has a catch bowl with a lid too.

This grater also has a non-slip bottom, which is very important to have. The last thing you want to do is have it slip out of your control while you are grating.

The only thing I see that could be a negative pertaining to the graters seen above, is they don’t seem to be nickel free.

KitchenAid Mixer Rotary Grater / Slicer Attachment

If you own a “KitchenAid” Mixer, you can get a grater attachment for the front of the mixer that allows you to grate and slice. What a great gift idea this makes for anyone who has a “KitchenAid” mixer.

If you don’t have a “KitchenAid” Mixer and would like to consider one, scroll down to the section under Electronic Kitchen Devices that discusses Mixers.

Vegetable Spiralizers

My youngest son has a hand held vegetable spiralizer. The brand is “Veggetti“. He says he has had this tool as long as he’s had a kitchen and says it is great. He highly recommends it.

If you don’t feel comfortable using a hand held vegetable spiralizer, “Veggetti” makes a table top model.

If you have a “KitchenAid” mixer, they make a spiralizer and slicer attachment for the front of their machines.

As I said earlier, If you don’t have a “KitchenAid” Mixer and would like to consider one, scroll down to the section under Electronic Kitchen Devices that discusses Mixers.


I make lots of pasta. I have had my colander for more than 10 years. I prefer a colander with a stand. If I am draining hot pasta, I place my colander on a small plate, in the sink, so the water that touches the sink never touches the bottom of the colander. This is what my colander looks like.

If you have a travel trailer, you want to save space. A great way to save space in the kitchen is with collapsible colanders. Our daughter gave us a set for our travel trailer.


Tongs are an important tool for any kitchen. I’ve owned tongs with removable silicone tips. Frankly, I’m not confident in the ability to clean the insides of those removable tips. I prefer a tong that doesn’t have removable tips.

This tong comes very highly rated by over 3800 people in Amazon who have purchased it. It comes in two different lengths a 12 inch tong and a 9 inch tong. Each are sold separately. You can probably find a set that is cheaper than one of these tongs but as they say, “You get what you pay for”.

Rolling Pins

I love pasta! I make “Handmade, Homemade Egg Noodles” for my homemade chicken noodle soup (click the link above to see my egg noodle recipe). I use a wooden rolling pin and a sharp knife when I make my homemade noodles.

My rolling pin is made of wood. I’ve probably had it for more than 20 years. I have no clue what kind of wood it was made of though.

A picture of a hand holding one end of a rolling pin and the rolling pin has flattened out a circle of dough.
I use this rolling pin whenever I make my homemade egg noodles.

My rolling pin has two handles. Handled rolling pins are a little harder to clean than those that don’t have handles. Even so, I personally like a rolling pin with handles (keeps my hands off of the roller itself which keeps a little bit of me out of the dough).

I never put my rolling pin in the dishwasher and I never leave it soaking, as doing either of these things would likely result in my rolling pin warping or splitting. Aside from my cleaning practices, the best thing you can do for your rolling pin is to clean it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

JK Adams is a rolling pin manufacturer, who’s handled rolling pin was reviewed by the New York Times on September 11, 2019. The rolling pin was well liked as a handled style rolling pin by the tester at that time (a ten year old). This maple wooden rolling pin will likely fit in anyone’s budget.

Farberware also makes a wooden rolling pin with rust-proof nylon bearings. Farberware is one of the name brands I have trusted over time. The rolling pin they sell is in a price range that almost anyone should be able to afford.

When talking about rolling pins, cherry and walnut rolling pins are sited as being the best. If I were in the market for another rolling pin, this would be the one I would choose.

Some people prefer rolling pins that come without handles. Those without handles are easier to clean than those with handles. If you prefer a rolling pin that doesn’t have handles, here is a walnut rolling pin that should work well for you.

Silicone Pastry Mat

In addition to my rolling pin, I need a surface to roll my dough on. I love this silicone pastry mat.

This manufacturer offers four different sizes of pastry mats. Measure the counter where you intend to roll your dough and buy the one that fits your needs.

I myself wouldn’t advise you to use anything sharp on the surface of your silicone mat (see below for an appropriate cutting tool for pastry mats).

Pastry Cutter for Use on Your Silicone Pastry Mat

If you want to cut pastry on your silicone pastry mat, you will need a tool that if used properly shouldn’t damage the mat. This pastry cutting tool should work just fine for that purpose.

If you own a KitchenAid standing mixer you can get an attachment for the front that rolls and cuts pasta/noodles! I’m so excited to see this, because it allows me to have one device that does so many things (mixer, grater, slicer and pasta maker).

Cutting Boards

You may not know this, but bamboo is a hard wood. Bamboo is not a tree, but a grass. Even though it is a grass, it is harder than oak. Bamboo will grow to maturity (ready for harvest), in 3 to 5 years. Oak matures in 20 to 30 years. It makes more sense to harvest bamboo rather than oak to make kitchen cutting boards. The next time you want to buy yourself a nice set of cutting boards, save a tree and purchase bamboo cutting boards.

My husband found this “Royal Brand bamboo cutting board” on Amazon, as part of a set of 3 (one small one medium and one large size).

At the time of this writing, these are highly rated by almost 27,000 people who have purchased them on Amazon.

Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons

Measuring cups and spoons are essential in a kitchen. I like the “KitchenAid” brand. For the kitchen in my home. I trust this brand.

A set of these measuring cups and spoons are great. They collapse for easy storage. I have a set for my travel trailer because you need all the storage room you can get in a travel trailer kitchen.

I have a set of “Pyrex Brand” glass measuring cups for things like hot liquids and larger quantities of dry ingredients.

Silicone Ladles, Spatulas and Spoons

I have silicone kitchen tools. I own some that are “Farberware” and some that are a less expensive off brand. I found that the less expensive off brand changed color (so I was seeing some dark material under the silicone). Some time after that happened, a bubble appeared under the silicone (the bubble is just left of the slots in the spoon below). I threw the spoon in the garbage.

A picture of an off brand silicone slotted spoon with discoloration and a bubbles that have formed between the silicone and the material under the silicone.
This off brand slotted spoon shows discoloration and bubbles under the silicone.

I haven’t seen this happen to my “Farberware” kitchen tools.

Farberware Colourworks are made with BPA free silicone and can withstand an amazing amount of heat. “Farberware” does cost a little more, but I have confidence in my “Farberware” tools.

“Farberware Colourworks” Mini Ladle

“Farberware Colourworks” Cooking Spoon

“Farberware Colourworks” 11 inch Spatula

“Farberware Colourworks” Slotted Turner

“Farberware Colourworks” Mini Wisks


Pyrex Bakeware with Lids

Pyrex has been making high quality bakeware for a very long time. A couple of the things I love about these bakeware dishes is the fact that they are not round, they have easy grab handles and that they come with lids.

Non-Stick Bakeware Pans

I do not own this set of non-stick bakeware but this set by “Rachel Ray” gets great reviews. At the time of this writing over 9000 people gave it a 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Springform Cake Pans

I have had good luck with my springform cake pans. They say they are cheesecake pans, but I use them for baking standard cakes. They work great! I have the nine inch size but they also come in a seven inch size. In addition to this, they come in four different colors to choose from.

This set of springform cake pans allow a person to make up to a four tiered cake.

Great, Non-Toxic, Non-Stick Cookware

Due to my sensitivities to metals, I need cookware that has a ceramic interior. I have a set of GreenPan brand cookware that fits the bill and has served me well over the years. If you want cookware that is better for you and your family (better than so many that are advertised as non-stick cookware), you will want to have a set of GreenPan cookware.

I have read many reviews about GreenPan and it is said that the best bang for your buck are the Venice Pro series. Take a look at each of the following sets. I believe you will love GreenPan Venice Pro.

Venice Pro series

Venice Pro Noir series


I love beautiful dinnerware. I have several sets in different patterns and shapes. Each set is like a piece of art (or a blank canvas if you like all white dinnerware).

I prefer square dinnerware in most cases because they fit better in a cabinet. I save a bit of space in my kitchen cabinets because of this (and with all the dishes I have, I need the space).

I have some more decorative, heavy dinnerware sets. Like my white with blue 222 Fifth dinnerware.

Blue Adelaide 16 piece place setting, (squared plates)

They look beautiful. They are great for occasions when I have family and friends over for dinner (but I’ve got to tell you, for my everyday use, I prefer my “Corelle” dinnerware).

Chips don’t happen as frequently with “Corelle’ as with other types of dinnerware I’ve owned (and own). I know if I drop a “Corelle” dish there is a good chance it will survive the fall.

Also my other dinnerware dishes are relatively heavy compared to my “Corelle”. I find loading and unloading my dishwasher so much easier when I’m working with these dishes.

I love this pattern of “Corelle”. It is called Boutique Adlyn. This set comes with matching coffee cups (not all of their sets do).

If you like a simpler look, you may prefer this pattern of “Corelle” simple lines instead.

I have two different Christmas pattern sets. My favorite set is my “Gibson Brand” dinnerware.

Everyday Housewares (Holly with Berries), Gibson Brand Dinnerware

I love the gentle leaf work in green with berries all around the edges of the plates and the outside of the cup. These dishes are all trimmed with gold. The gold trim makes it so they can’t be used in the microwave. They are a little extra work for me because due to the gold trim they also need to be hand washed. Their beauty makes them totally worth it though.

A picture of the stamp on the bottom of the Gibson Everyday Housewares holiday set saying they are not microwave safe and must be washed by hand
The Gibson Everyday Housewares holiday set is not microwave safe and must be washed by hand.

I’ve had my set a very long time, so you may not find mine out there but “Gibson” has a lovely holiday set available for purchase this year.

Buffet Organizer

Did I hear you say you are going to be hosting a buffet style dinner? You need a decorative rack where your family / guests can get their plates, flatware and napkins from.

I think you’ll love this buffet organizer for your next buffet style dinner. I love mine. This organizer stores compactly when not in use.

Condiment Server

During your buffet style dinner, your guests could enjoy fresh vegetables and dressing, cold cuts, cheeses and more, all kept icy cold in your covered cold condiment server.

Electronic Kitchen Devices

Coffee Maker

My husband loves coffee. We haven’t had good luck with our pod style coffee makers though. We have bought several in a row and had to thrown them all in the garbage. We bought the same major brand several times, then switched to another major brand, then went to a couple of off brands. They all failed way too fast (most stopped working all together in less than a year).

The last pod style coffee maker be bought made horrible tasting (plastic flavored), coffee. We ran a vinegar and water rinse several times through it in an attempt to clear the plastic taste, but it didn’t work. We just sent it to the great coffee maker grave yard.

If you buy a coffee maker I suggest you consider getting the two year insurance if it is offered.

We just bought what looks to be a great coffee maker. We typically use pod style coffee makers, but if we have guests over, we might like to make a pot of coffee instead. Rather than having two different coffee makers, I found a major brand that has both pod style and carafe style coffee making capabilities all in one unit. So far it is great. The machine is simple to operate and the coffee has tasted great from the first cup.

I did buy the two year insurance plan that was offered (just in case). Wish me luck and great coffee for years to come.

Hot Water Kettle

I drink a lot of hot tea. I like instant hot apple cider and instant oatmeal. My kids like instant hot cocoa and they also like Cup of Soup. All of these things (and other quick foods and drinks), require hot water.

My youngest son bought me a wonderful hot water kettle as a gift. My husband and I use that kettle multiple times every day. It is one of my favorite appliances.

The kettle he bought for us is “Mueller Brand”. If you need to boil water for yourself, I’d recommend you buy this brand. It has served me well for years without failure. I wish I could say the same for my coffee makers.


We haven’t gone through as many toasters as coffee makers, but we’ve gone through a few. Several of our toasters that have failed quickly have been top name brands that cost me a bit more because of their name.

Right now I have a “no name” toaster but I can’t find it anywhere online. It is still working, which is good, but it is possible the company went out of business due to Covid-19 (so many companies closed).

I would like to be able to tell you, go buy this one or that one, but frankly my luck in toaster hasn’t been good.

Because I have had such a reliable hot water kettle, if this toaster fails, I’ll likely buy a “Meuller” toaster next.

I don’t want to cut my long sourdough bread in half. I just want to toast it. “Meuller Austria” makes a slim 2 Slot Long Toaster. This “Meuller” toaster can also handle the thickness of bagels, Texas toast and artisan bread.

They also makes a Long 4 Slot Toaster.

Yep, this is my next toaster for sure.

Hand Held Mixer

I own a great hand held mixer (the very best I’ve ever owned). It is handy for quick and easy beating! If I want to make pancake batter, a simple boxed cake mix or mashed potatoes for instance, I bring out my “Hamilton Beach” mixer.

This mixer hasn’t ever failed to function. Funny thing is, the thing I love most about this mixer isn’t it’s functionality. This mixer has a transparent box that attaches to the bottom of the mixer that holds the cord and the beater blades for storage.

I never have a loose cord flopping around or that has to be wrapped around the mixer for storage. I don’t have a cord that needs to be pushed into the bottom of the mixer (that one day fails to come back out). I never have to go in search of my mixer blades either because they are all stored together with the mixer.

My “Hamilton Beach” mixer has been my all time favorite hand held mixer!

Electric Can Opener

An electric can opener has also been a tough one for me. What’s up with the failure rate of small appliances as of late? Why are they failing as often as they do now? Are companies increasing their profits by making pretty looking units that have poor quality electronic components, (so they fail and you are forced to go buy another unit)?

I haven’t had a lot of good luck with the electric can openers that I’ve owned in the last few years. The one I most recently purchased doesn’t always shut off. The only thing I can recommend is buy a brand that has a good reputation and see what consumers feel about it. Also, consider buying the two year insurance if it is offered.

If I were to buy another electric can opener, I’d likely buy a “Hamilton Beach” electric can opener. At the time of this writing, this one is rated highly by over 62,700 Amazon customers.

Manual Can Opener (no, not an electronic device but it fits here)

You should have a manual (hand held), can opener as a back up to an electric can opener (or don’t even bother buying an electric can opener). “KitchenAid” has been a company whom I have gotten good products from. If I needed a new manual can opener, I’d likely buy one from “KitchenAid”. This can opener has had over 69,800 customers give it a high rating in Amazon. That alone says wonders about this can opener.

I haven’t ever owned one of these, but I see there are some manual can openers with a magnet to help you pick up the lid that has been cut free of the can. I don’t know if this feature works well, but it might be worth the risk to get one and see if it works.

Digital Thermometer

Our youngest son recommends this digital thermometer. It simply turns on when you unfold it. It come with a small single cell battery (he hasn’t had to replace the batteries since the date of purchase). He has had his for more than three years and he says, “It works every time”!

KitchenAid Standing Mixer

For the bigger jobs (like making a batch of six dozen cookies for an annual Christmas cookie exchange party), I use my standing mixer.

KitchenAid makes standing mixers. They come in a variety of colors and bowl capacities. I recommend the 600 Series Professional six quart size. I love the Empire Red color seen below, but KitchenAid standing mixers come in so many other different colors (it makes it hard to choose which one to buy).

If you find a color you like in the size you want, don’t hesitate to get it. Many of the colors that I thought were beautiful (and were recently available), are now sold out.

KitchenAid seems to have a larger supply of five quart bowl capacity mixers rather than six quart bowl capacity mixers. You might have a better color selection in the five quart size. If you are like me and you want the six quart mixer (bowl size), get one as soon as possible (in case they have simply stopped making that size).

If you want to see more colors and you scroll to the bottom of the Amazon page where more colors are found, be carful because some or all of the alternative colors displayed may not be pertaining to a 600 Series Professional six quart standing mixer. Also, some of the pictures may be associated to attachments, not the actual mixer.

FYI, According to, KitchenAid stand mixers are made in the USA and have been since 1941 (post dated November 4, 2022).

Rice Maker (AKA Slow Cooker)

We love rice in our family. I love my rice maker. It makes one of my kitchen tasks so simple. I put in water, rice, salt, shut the lid and turn the machine on. I don’t have to do anything else, except scoop out perfect rice.

“Aroma” made my 20 cup cooked rice cooker. I’ve never had a problem with it.

I liked my 20 cup “Aroma Brand” rice cooker so much that I bought an 8 cup “Aroma Brand” rice cooker for our trailer (it makes 8 cooked cups of rice).

When I got my rice cooker, I didn’t know it was a slow cooker too!!!! I was so excited to learn this. I could steam vegetables in it, make Jambalaya, or a fluffy cake!!!! What else might I be able to make in it?

Slow Cooker

Large Single Pot Slow Cooker “Crock-Pot”

I have got to tell you, I trust the “Crock-Pot Brand” of crock-pots. I’ve had mine for years and haven’t ever had a problem with it. I have the six quart “Crock-Pot”. It is my go to device when I make homemade chili or a nice chuck roast with vegetables. There are so many easy meals you can make in a crock-pot.

I love simple crock-pot meals so much so that I bought a little “Crock-Pot” for our travel trailer. I have made so many simple meals in our trailer, in that device.

Triple Pot Slow Cooker

We host buffet style get togethers in our home. Our daughter hosts buffet style parties for family and friends in her home too. Long ago I bought a buffet style slow cooker for myself. Our daughter has one too. We love our triple pot slow cooker.

This style of slow cooker has three separate pots with lids and lid stands. I can cook and serve foods like scalloped potatoes, green beans and chuck roast in my buffet style slow cooker.

Our daughter likes to use it to cook and serve hot chocolate during her holiday parties. She can serve cocoa, hot apple cider and gingerbread lattes from it at the same time.

Electric Wok

Our daughter has an electric wok. Her wok was used in one of the recipes I posted. That recipe is titled “Fast and Easy Homemade Chicken Teriyaki“.

I loved using her wok that day. I don’t have one. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the brand that she owned, but it turns out “Aroma” also makes an electric wok. This wok is on my Christmas wish list.

At this time I can’t attest to the “Aroma” wok’s reliability (because I haven’t got one yet), but if it is anything like my ‘Aroma” rice cooker, I’ll love it.

Microwave Oven

Our eldest son bought a “Sharp Brand” 1200 watt microwave oven many years ago. He wanted me to make sure that this item was included in this list of great electronic kitchen devices, saying “this is a great machine”. He said, he has had this machine for such a long time and it hasn’t ever failed to work properly.

Many people think of the kitchen as the heart of the home. I hope you find joy in your heart and in your kitchen.

Bookmark this site, because the next time you need something great for a kitchen, you’ll know where to look, to help you decide on a great kitchen item for yourself or someone you care about.

If you would like to see recipes which you might like to try using your kitchen greats on, click her to go to Joy With Jan’s Recipes.

Now that you know about nickel allergies, I’m guessing you will want to reduce your exposure (and likely your family’s exposure) to nickel wherever you can. The American Academy of Dermatology Association may be able to help.

Did you know that food (even unprocessed, unpackaged food like grocery store or homegrown fresh vegetables) can have nickel in it? The American Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS) created a list that people can use to help them make better choices in what they eat daily, in an effort to reduce the quantity of nickel they consume in a day. I have provided a link here for you to that list.

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Even the most experienced RV camping set up person may find something new and helpful from reading this post. Don’t hesitate to forward a link to someone who you feel will benefit from the information within. Clean water items are an important part of recreational vehicle camping (RVing). Detailed in this post are nine very…

5 RV Camping Things You Must Have “Electrical or Electronic”

Electrical / Electronic items are an important part of recreational vehicle camping (RVing). Detailed in this post are five very important things needed before you go on that RV trip. This doesn’t mean this is all you need but this is a great beginning. If there is something more you feel you should get or…

Travel and Entertainment – The St. Paul Rodeo in St. Paul, Oregon

When you go to the Annual St. Paul Rodeo in St. Paul, Oregon, USA, there is so much to do and see. I love the carnival rides there. I love the food at the fairgrounds. I love to go see all of the animals and go to the rodeo. At the end of it all,…

Easy Recipe – Cornish Game Hens with Orange Sauce

During big holidays, my mom would often cook up a wonderful Turkey dinner. During those meals, I would decide to have some breast meat or some thigh meat. I might decide on a wing or maybe I wanted a leg! I didn’t typically have a little of all of these things though. When it wasn’t…

A LAN Party and Custom Built Computers

This post is about custom building a computer to bring to a LAN party. If you haven’t ever done so, you might have fun going to a LAN party. My husband, our eldest son, our youngest son and I, all signed up to go to a PDXLAN party (hosted in Portland, Oregon). We had such…

Travel – Boundary County Historical Museum – Bonners Ferry, Idaho

If you are someone who enjoys going to museums, I found a museum you might like to visit in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Bonners Ferry is in Northern Idaho. It is only 27 miles (43km), to the Canadian border from there. Bonners Ferry is the county seat in Boundary County, Idaho. Boundary County Idaho is one…

Travel – Cape Disappointment Trail and the North Head Lighthouse – Ilwaco, Washington

During one of our camping adventures, we decided to go to a popular, nearby hiking trail that ends at a lighthouse, (we were camping at Fort Stevens in Hammond Oregon). We were heading to Cape Disappointment and the North Head Lighthouse.

Travel – Bonneville Fish Hatchery – Cascade Locks, Oregon

A place to go, where you will see fish (millions of fish), waterfalls, ponds, ducks, huge sturgeon!!!!! You might even fall in love there, like I did!!!!! You should go!!!!!

Easy, Moist and the Most Flavorful Roast Turkey Breast

I love a Thanksgiving dinner, but it is a lot of work. I always roast a turkey, make stuffing, mash potatoes, candy sweet potatoes, I make a vegetable, my daughter typically makes homemade cranberry sauce and we have side goodies, (like black and green olives). Afterwards, we always have pumpkin pie. Uhhhhhh, it’s 10:02 and…

Fort Stevens State Park and Campgrounds – Hammond, Oregon

I don’t really want to write about this place….cuz…..I want to keep it all to my self, bwahahahahahahaha, (maniacal laughter)….. Ok, you twisted my arm. I’ll tell you all that I know…. A day came when my husband suggested, for fun, we should go camping. Well, after great thought, many discussions, (and a purchase or…

Fast and Easy Homemade Dairy Free Cream Cheese Frosting

I promised that I would post a frosting recipe, to go with the carrot cake recipe I recently posted. Well, here is the second of two recipes. This one will be for a frosting made with a plant based, dairy free, cream cheese frosting alternative. For those of you who would be happier with a…

Fast and Easy Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting

I promised that I would post a frosting recipe, to go with the carrot cake recipe I recently posted. Well, Here is the first of two recipes. This one will be for a frosting made with traditional cream cheese. For those of you who would like a healthier choice for your frosting, or for those…

Fast and Easy Home Made Chicken Teriyaki

My daughter and I started with hunger. We came up with a plan. We decided to make a fast and easy meal. She and I ended up making the best tasting home made chicken teriyaki we had ever made together! Ok, honestly, we hadn’t ever made chicken teriyaki together, so, yes, it was the best…

My Daughter’s Turkey Meatloaf

We went to visit my daughter, (sleep over)! We had some ground turkey that we had just bought, so, we figured we would bring it with us. My daughter offered to make us dinner, (lucky us)! I asked what was on the menu. Well, she said she had a great recipe for turkey meatloaf. I…

Nehalem Bay State Park

My husband and I love RV camping, (Glamping, as my daughter puts it). If you are looking for lots of outdoor activities, Nehalem Bay State Park is the place to go. If you are driving down highway 101, along the Oregon coast, the park is about 2 miles south of Manzanita. It’s at 9500 Sandpiper…

Armitage Park Campground – Eugene, Oregon

Wouldn’t you love to take your trailer or motorhome to a place with grass, trees and a nearby river with trails for you to enjoy? A place where if you like, you can even simply pitch a tent. Nature would be all around you, but also conveniences like paved parking pads with full or partial…

The Good Earth

The Good Earth was a best selling book in the United States. It was so well received, that the author (Pearl S. Buck) was awarded a Pulitzer prize for fiction and later in her career, she won a Nobel prize for literature. The Good Earth is a story about the life of a poor farmer…

My Daughter’s Chicken Fried Rice

My daughter came over and offered to make dinner for us. I said, “Heck Yes”!!! I asked her what she had in mind. She asked me what I had in the house. Well, I had quite a bit of boneless skinless chicken breasts and a bag of mixed vegetables in the freezer. That was a…

Pole Green Beans, (Organic Whenever Possible)

There are bush green beans and pole green beans. You may ask what a pole green bean is. A pole green bean is a green bean plant that will reach out and grab hold of a pole, to assist itself in an upward climb. This kind of behavior is called Thigmotropism, (and now you have…


My Grandma taught me to play Rummy when I was a little girl. We used to play for hours. She always made hot tea for me (she called it little girls tea as it was more cream and sugar than tea). She also sat a tin of Danish Butter Cookies on the table for us…

My Husband’s Chicken, Vegetable Soup with Mini Farfalle

Ingredients, (try to use organics whenever you can). Ingredients for baking 2 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast; Ingredients for cooking in the soup pot; Begin By Baking the Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts Set the oven rack to the center position in the oven and preheat to Bake at 350 degrees. Cover a baking tray with aluminum…

My Husband’s Easy Potato, Ham and Vegetable Soup with Mini Farfalle

Ingredients, (try to use organics whenever you can) Directions Put the liquids in a cooking pot, (2 cups, Organic Chicken Stock) and (4 cups, Organic Potato Leek Soup) in a 6 quart, (minimum), cooking pot. I love this GreenLife brand, Soft Grip Diamond Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, 6 QT Stock Pot with Strainer Lid. Once the…

Organic Potatoes Grown in Buckets

I had successfully grown, zucchini, patty pans, straight neck yellow squash, bell pepper, green beans, radishes, tomatoes and even celery, (celery is considered to be a challenge to grow, even by experienced growers). I wanted to learn to grow potatoes. Had You Heard ? I heard that you can not grow potatoes from grocery store…

Camping, (or Glamping), In Our Little Chalet

My husband and I discussed camping for the first time, early on in our relationship. He’s a rough it kinda guy. When we met he had a tent, 2 canopies, sleeping bags, a lantern, coolers, a propane grill, a standing outdoor shower and a portable toilet seat that sits on a 5 gallon bucket (along…

Collecting – Occupied Japan

I’m going to tell you about treasure and treasure hunting, (the treasure in this case is Occupied Japan Collectibles). This is a story about what happened, after Japan surrendered, at the end of WWII, that brought about the creation of manufactured ceramics / porcelain dishware and figurines, stamped with the addition of the words “Occupied…

Five Straight

Five Straight is a board game for 2 to 9 players. The idea of the game is to be the first to place 5 of your assigned colored pegs in a straight line, (diagonally, horizontally or vertically). Sounds simple, right ? This game is addictive, but just the same, it’s recommended for ages 8 and…


Dust is a bio-thriller, written by Charles Pellegrino. I bought his book, many years ago, and started to read it. It sucked me in from the start…. you might say, it devoured me…. If you like bio-thrillers, you are going to want to read this book. Do not start reading with chapter one! Begin with…

Cards, (So Inexpensive)

A standard deck of cards can be used to play hundreds of games. The more the deck is used, the lower the cost of the entertainment it provides. Lets say you buy a standard deck of cards and they cost you $5.00. You and a friend sit down to play a fast paced game called…

The Clan of the Cave Bear

The Clan of the Cave Bear is a novel of prehistoric fiction. The book begins with a natural disaster that leaves a small child abandoned and alone. The child is found by a Clan of Neanderthals and is saved, but has to learn to live a very different life than that which she was originally…

Gleneden Beach in Oregon

Would you like to walk where you can see creatures from the distant past? Want to see fossils sticking out of the rock at your feet, as if someone carved a treasure in rock for you to see? I was amazed to see remnants of creatures long dead, gone and morphed into rock, laying there…


Prey is a science fiction, techno-thriller, horror book. This book was written by Michael Crichton. He was the author who wrote Jurassic Park, Congo and The Andromeda Strain (just to name a few). Michael Crichton and his wife Anne-Marie Martin were paid 2.5 million dollars to write the screenplay for the movie Twister. This author…

Cards and Hoyle

A Memory I have always played card games, (well, as far back as I can remember that is). Memories of playing card games, started with my grandma. I would go to her house to spend the night. At some point in the evening, she would bring out a standard deck of Bicycle brand playing cards.…

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