Recipe – Handmade, Homemade Egg Noodles

I have been making handmade, homemade egg noodles since I was a young girl. My mother would make them to add to her homemade chicken noodle soup broth.

I grew up making the noodles and the chicken noodle soup broth with her and as an adult woman, I make them for my own family.

They are a treat for me (I love their taste and texture). The Ingredients are simple and relatively inexpensive. They do require some work, but they are well worth the effort.

(my homemade chicken soup broth recipe will be posted shortly, here on my blog, “Joy With Jan”).

Homemade Egg Noodle Ingredients

  • 3 large eggs
  • 3½ shells of water
  • 1½ teaspoon salt
  • 4 cups all purpose flour (three used for mixing into the dough and one held out to be used for rolling, cutting and dusting the cut noodles)

Mixing the Dough

Crack 3 large eggs into a mixing bowl.

A mixing bowl with a large egg broken and place in it and both sides of the eggshell filled to the edge with water, held in the hand of the cook.
One egg is in, just two to go.

Using the egg shells, measure 3 and ½ shells of water. Add that water into the mixing bowl.

The mixing bowl now has 3 large eggs broken and place in it and both sides of the last eggshell is filled to the edge with water, held in the hand of the cook.
I use the shell measurement method (a tradition you know). In case you can’t crack an egg in half well, you can simply add 3/4 cup of water total, to take the place of measuring with your egg shells.

Measure 1½ teaspoon salt and add it into the bowl. Slowly begin adding 3 (of the 4 cups), of flour into the mixing bowl until you can’t use the spoon any longer due to the dough’s consistency.

Two cups of flower is being gradually added and mixed into the eggs, water and salt already in the bowl.
Thick mixture

Add more flour, from the measured 3 cups of flour.

More of the first two cups of flower is being gradually added and stirred into the bowl.

Add more flour.

Still more of the first two cups of flower is being gradually added and stirred into the bowl.
Too thick to continue using a spoon.

Add the remainder of the measured 3 cups of flour.

The last of the first two cups of flower is being added and hand pressed into the dough in the bowl.
You will want to use your hands now that all 3 cups of flour are in the dough.

Rolling the Dough, (1st Batch)

Use some of the remaining 1 cup of flour to dust the top of the rolling surface (so the dough won’t stick to it).

Split the dough into 2 parts and form 2 balls of dough (2 batches of dough).

The dough is ready to be rolled.

Return one ball to the bowl and place the other in the center of the rolling surface.

Begin to roll it flat. During this process you will need to lift the flattening dough from time to time and add more flour under it so it doesn’t stick to the rolling surface. You will also need to add flour to the top of the dough so it doesn’t stick to the rolling pin.

Flatten the ball out as you roll it thin.

Once the ball is fairly thin, dust the surface with flour and fold the dough over and over (getting it ready for cutting).

Roll the flattened dough into a long tube.

Your rolled dough should look like this when you are done.

Roll the flattened dough into a long tube, so you can cut it into noodles.

Cutting the 1st Batch of Dough into Noodles

Cut the rolled dough as seen here.

Cutting the dough.

Open up the rolled cut dough.

Each cut becomes a noodle.

I opened a few noodles then dusted the pile collecting (below in this picture), with flour and toss them a little so the flour could coat them well. This helped keep them separated from each other while they were waiting to go into my chicken soup broth.

Here you can see each cut noodle is in the shape of a spiral, but each spiral must be opened up.

You will continue to do this (open a few noodles, dust them with flour, toss them a little to ensure the flour has covered them well and repeat), until all of the cut noodles are open and dusted.

Rolling the Dough, (2nd Batch)

Get the second ball of dough from the mixing bowl and place it on the rolling surface.

The second ball of dough has been removed from the mixing bowl so the now loose noodles can be put in the bowl and the 2nd ball can be rolled, folded into a tube and cut.
The second ball of dough is ready for flattening and rolling.

Put your 1st batch of cut and dusted noodles into the mixing bowl to wait until the 2nd batch of noodles are also cut, dusted and put into the bowl.

Cut and dusted noodles.

Begin rolling out the 2nd ball of dough (batch 2).

Repeat all of the rolling, cutting, separating and dusting steps on the second ball of dough as you did with the first.

Add the resulting 2nd batch of noodles into the mixing bowl (with the 1st batch of noodles).

These noodles are ready to be dropped into your boiling soup broth.

I made chicken soup broth at the same time that I was making the noodles, but you don’t have to. You could cover the noodles and put them in the refrigerator for use later that day if you like.

Adding Your Noodles to Your Soup Broth

Bring your broth up to a rolling boil. Turn your temperature down to medium and drop your noodles into the broth (a few at a time).

A few noodles at a time are dropped into the chicken noodle broth and stirred so they won't stick.
Do not drop all of the noodles into the broth at the same time as many will end up sticking together into clumps of dough.

Stir the noodles in right away so they don’t stick together in the broth. Keep adding the noodles until they are all in the broth (stirring each hand full of noodles in as you go).

The broth with the handmade noodles is being stirred.
The brand of cooking pot I am using is called GreenPan. My GreenPan set has held up amazingly. They haven’t been scratched up and have remained non-stick (which I can’t say about the vast majority of pan sets I have purchased in the past).
I’ve had my GreenPan set for several years now. I don’t find my specific set offered any more, but my daughter wants a set for herself, so I did a little research to determine the best GreenPan series to buy.
You can read what I found out at the end of this recipe.

The noodles will take about 20 minutes to cook on medium heat (stir often). The broth will thicken as the noodles are added (both because of the quantity of noodles and because of the flour on their surfaces). If the noodles begin to stick to the bottom, turn the broth to low. Make sure to stir the noodles in the broth often, to prevent further sticking.

These noodles will always be al dente, even when thoroughly cooked. Taste them before you serve them. They should not taste like flour. If they do, cook them for 5 minutes more and taste them again. Repeat if necessary.

These noodles with my chicken soup broth recipe (coming soon), should provide about 6 quarts of chicken noodle soup.

I will be posting the chicken soup broth recipe next.

If you haven’t already done so, sign up below and I will notify you as soon as each new posting is available.

Serving the Finished Soup (Chicken Soup Broth Recipe to Come).

Here is what my chicken noodle soup looked like the day I made my broth. I so enjoy eating this soup. It is warm and comforting (not to mention delicious).

Seen is the chicken noodle soup, ready to be eaten from a beautiful pale blue soup bowl with flowers and raised lattice work designs along with it's matching plate.

I served it this time with fresh baked biscuits, butter, water and my favorite hot tea.

Seen is a place setting, a pale blue tea pot with gold trim and flowers, a candle holder with a lit candle, biscuits in a crystal bowl, a cube of butter in a crystal dish, a crystal salt and pepper shaker set with chrome lids, a tea cup and saucer that matches the dinner plate and soup bowl, a floral place mat, a red napkin with a crystal napkin ring and nickel free silverware, a red tablecloth under it all, on a formal dining table in a formal dining room.
The flatware is Oneida brand. The pattern is called Copeland. It is nickel free (identified as 18/0).
The stemware is Cristal D’Arques of France. The cut pattern is called Longchamp.
The dishware is Mikasa. The pattern is called Precious Blue D2501.
The tea pot is a Hall China 6 cup Tea Pot with Hook Lid in Cadet Blue/Gold. If you are interested in learning some of the history about Hall China, click the link provided.
The salt and pepper shakers were handed down to me from my mom.
The candle holder, biscuit bowl and butter dish are as yet, unidentified, but I’m working on it.
Most of the items sitting on the table, I found while treasure hunting. Ask me about treasure hunting some day.

Are You Allergic to Nickel?

I’m allergic to nickel. Did you know, as of the time of this writing, up to 17% of women are allergic to nickel and 3% of men are too. Most flatware found for sale has nickel in it.

The Copeland pattern I own is Oneida brand and is nickel free. You may or may not be able to find my pattern but I found a similar pattern on Amazon, also by Oneida. The pattern is called Reyna. It too is 100% nickel free, identified as 18/0, (18% chromium 0% nickel).

If you aren’t able to find it in the link above, you may see other patterns you like. Just make sure you select a pattern that says it is 18/0 if you want nickel free flatware.

Great, Non-Toxic, Non-Stick Cookware

Due to my sensitivity to metals and materials, I also need cookware that has a ceramic interior. I have a set of GreenPan brand cookware that fits the bill and has served me well over the years (see the cooking pot I used for the chicken broth above). If you want cookware that is better for you and your family (better than so many that are advertised as non-stick cookware), you will want to have a set of GreenPan cookware too.

I have read many reviews about GreenPan and it is said that the best bang for your buck are the Venice Pro series. Take a look at each of the following sets. I think you will love GreenPan.

Venice Pro series

Venice Pro Noir series

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