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If you are someone who enjoys going to museums, I found a museum you might like to visit in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

Bonners Ferry is in Northern Idaho. It is only 27 miles (43km), to the Canadian border from there. Bonners Ferry is the county seat in Boundary County, Idaho. Boundary County Idaho is one of only 3 United States counties that border two states and a foreign country.

There, now you have a new trivia answer.

A picture of Main street, looking Southward down the street with a Red Kia Soul parked nearby and with the Boundary County Historical Museum behind the person taking the picture, (that being me, Jan).
This is a picture of downtown Bonners Ferry, looking down Main Street with the Museum directly behind.

I love museums and try my best to see one whenever I go to a new place on vacation. We found this museum at 7229 Main Street in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

A picture of the sign for the Boundary County Historical Museum which is at 7229 Main street, in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.
The museum doesn’t look very big from the outside, but once you are inside, you see it’s quite big.

The museum itself seemed to be in an older district of the town. No worries about getting lost as this downtown district is real easy to find and seems to only encompasses a few blocks.

This is a picture of a place just down the street (and on the opposite side of the street), from the museum. Much of the downtown buildings appear to be made of brick.

There was no charge for parking as there was parking behind the museum and there was plenty of street parking too.

There was an eatery on the same block as the museum. It might be a place for you to stop and have a meal before or after you visit the museum.

This restaurant had a sign posted saying it served lunch and dinner.

The museum is at the opposite end of the block from the eatery. All of the buildings are connected and look like they are made of brick. The museum was at the end of town (or maybe it was the beginning of town).

You should confirm the hours of operation before you go as they aren’t open every day of the week. There was a charge to go into the museum (I recommend you take cash). It was less that $10.00 for the four of us to go in. With all that they had for us to see, it was well worth the price of admission.

When we went in, we were greeted by two very nice men. They took our money for admission and invited us to sign in as visitors to the museum. We started to walk around.

They had various displays set up. There was a display with old rifles and hand guns.

It was amazing to see all of the wonderfully preserved firearms here on display.

This black powder flintlock belt pistol was made around 1790. It is about 230 years old.

Imagine the craftsmanship that went into making this pistol.

This pistol is a bit newer, only 222 years old at the time of this writing.

The same young man (Ross), owned both of the two pistols seen above.

There was a section with a wonderful old bed and two massive upholstered chairs. You may not know this, but long ago people were physically smaller than now. I wonder who sat in those huge chairs.

There was an entire area dedicated to doctors, nurses and dentistry.

There was an area with American Indian items. This is just one of the American Indian display cases there.

That beautifully decorated item laying along the back wall of this display, would help a woman carry a baby on her back. It is similar to a backpack, but for a baby.

There was a big display with old farming equipment.

The device with the handles and with the spikes on the wheels would be used in a field, but what do you think it actually did?

There was an area with old style telephone equipment.

Funny, this old style phone appeared somewhat human. I wonder if that was intentional back then.

There was another area with a train handcar in it. This area was all about trains and such.

The operator of this handcar, would press one of the handles down then raise it back up to make the car move along a train track.

A long, long time ago, someone hunted this beautiful creature. I’d like to think they needed the meat and the hide and left nothing to waste.

I bet he would have been magnificent to see in real life.

There was an area dedicated to wooden toys.

They were all beautifully crafted.

Close by the wooden toys, you will see old toys. I own a stuffed koala bear (given to me by my grandma), that is so very much so like this one. I believe they were made by the same company.

They had a bear that was a bit larger than this one in the display case too.

There was a clocks and carousels display. All of the creations were beautiful This was just one of maybe a couple dozen wooden crafted clocks and carousels. The artist made the most amazing things.

It is something you have to go see for yourself.

There is also an area dedicated to fire fighting. It had a fire engine in it. See, I told you this museum is surprisingly big!!!

Here you can see a Bonners Ferry Volunteer fire truck.

You know, I only showed you a blink of the things that can be seen in this museum. In order to see more, you must go and visit it.

Remember, the next time you are in that area, step in. Take a moment and talk with the folks that are sitting inside, just waiting for you to stop by and see their wonderful Boundary County Historical Museum.

If you would like to read about the “Boundary County Historical Society“, click this link.

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